Tyler Hunt


Where are you from? Baton Rouge, LA

Why did you want to work for Vagabond Missions? I became a Vagabond missionary because I believe that the primary call of living on mission is to acknowledge, dignify, and uplift the imago Dei (“image of God”) by encountering, empowering, and accompanying our neighbors. Vagabond acknowledges that Jesus, the Son of God, became incarnate and came to bring hope and salvation to a heavily burdened world; to heal and walk with the oppressed, the orphan, and the widow as well as the well-to-do and well-off. I reflect upon John 3:16-1-17 and John 13:14-15; 34-35: we are called to love because he first loved us. Here at Vagabond, we have a mission of cooperating with the grace of a just and merciful God in places and spaces and with people the world has dismissed, denied, and deprived by seeking to walk in our Lord’s footsteps. I know the Holy Spirit is in the business of pleasant surprises. 

If my life were a movie, I would want Sanaa Lathan to play me.