Sophee Coulter

I started working for Vagabond Missions a little over four years ago and I’ve felt so fulfilled ever since. I use to live in the urban area of Wichita when I was little. My first memories are from the same streets our kids live on. So I became a missionary to enter back into this community and show it the love of Christ.

My favorite memory of working as a missionary was over the last summer. We went on a small mission trip with some of our teens. Here they work all day and spend the evenings playing games! One teen came up to me and asked me if he could leave his basketball game to go pray in the adoration chapel. This small sacrifice of a game was an example of his desire for the Lord.

If my life were a movie, I would want Shia LaBeouf to play the part of me. We don’t look alike, but he cute.

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