Sabrina Swidergal

What is an Area Director?
A staff member who fosters relationships with the Committee Members and members of the cities that we are located in. Along with this, they help fundraise for the local area and cater to the growth of each of the missionaries that are stationed at each of the sites in that city.

The vision of Vagabond Missions gave me a sense of purpose before I even applied for the job. It calmed any and all fears I had about working in ministry right out of college and it presented me with the most challenging mission to go out and meet the kids who are the most broken and the most forgotten and give them Jesus.

Favorite moment as a missionary so far is whenever I get such an intense feeling of joy every time I look around the Underground at these wild Garfield kids and realize this is the life God called me to.

“If my life were a movie, I would want Melissa McCarthy to play the part of me.”

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