Joe Sanford

I started working for Vagabond Missions because of how powerful and important the mission is in carrying out the work that Christ gave to us all. When Vagabond Missions first started in Steubenville where I grew up, I could immediately tell that it was something special. As I encountered the teens and the missionaries at Sunday Mass, at events I attended at the Underground, and around town, I truly encountered Christ through the joy, hope, and love Vagabond Missions had fostered in its teens. The work of Vagabond Missions has had a part in shaping my life by serving as a constant example of living out the Gospel and spreading Christ’s love to those who most need it. When the opportunity came for me to be a part of this mission I knew I needed to take it.

In this next year of ministry, I am most excited to spread the influence of Vagabond Missions to new people and new places. I hope that all people lucky enough to witness the work of Vagabond Missions allow their hearts to be impacted in some way.

If my life were a movie, I would want Chuck Norris to play the part of me. It wouldn’t be accurate, but it would be awesome.

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