Joe Cipriano

What is an Area Director? A staff member who fosters relationships with the Committee Members and members of the cities that we are located in. Along with this, they help fundraise for the local area and cater to the growth of each of the missionaries that are stationed at each of the sites in that city.

I started working at Vagabond Missions to shake things up! I have been blessed to spend my entire adult life serving in youth ministry. I have worked in wonderful parishes in Lexington, KY and Corpus Christi, TX. Most recently I was blessed to work for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. I have seen God do amazing things! I have also witnessed that young people in poorer areas live in a youth ministry desert. The youth groups, conferences, camps, pilgrimages, and retreats are mostly filled with the wealthy. I grew up in the inner-city and only came to Christ through the radical intervention of a youth ministry like Vagabond. I pray for a youth ministry revolution that fights for every young person. All of our parishes and schools need this kind of ministry, but I believe that the Lord is calling us first to the poor.

I am excited to see lives change! To see young people, families, volunteers, donors, and prayer warriors fall in love with Jesus through this ministry.

“If my life were a movie… it would explain a lot”

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