Jesse Bonilla

When I first encountered the love of Christ, I remember instantly that I wanted to give my life to him and serve him for the rest of my life. Once I learned about missionary work, I used to imagine myself giving my life in service to others. I had a strong desire but figured it wasn’t the right time. Then after eight years of being a part of a beautiful ministry called Tira La Red, I felt a strong calling to leave everything behind and move to Pittsburgh. In a very short period of time, I made the move and within the first month, I learned about Vagabond Missions. It started to stir that same desire that I had in me for years, and eventually, God made it clear that this would be the next chapter of my life. And now I am here, giving myself fully to the youth and using all the lessons God has taught me over the years.

I am excited to be able to walk with different teens in different situations. It will allow me to better understand and further learn how to love. I am looking forward to doing street evangelization and meeting these teens wherever they are, especially on the basketball court so I can school some of these youngsters. Finally, I look forward to seeing the transformation of all the youth we meet, building their confidence, and directing their lives to God – providing hope to the hopeless.

If my life were a movie, I honestly do not know too many young Latino actors, but Jason Genao is short like me, so I would want him to play the part of me.

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