Catherine Ord

What is an Area Director? A staff member who fosters relationships with the Committee Members and members of the cities that we are located in. Along with this, they help fundraise for the local area and cater to the growth of each of the missionaries that are stationed at each of the sites in that city.

I started working for Vagabond Missions because when the Holy Spirit is leading I want to be following. God is inviting me to leave the comforts of Diocesan/Parish work to find young people on the margins who are in most need of Jesus. I never want faith to just to be something talked about in my home… I want my three children to see it lived out. Being part of a community that is in love with Jesus and living out the faith is a blessing for me and my family.

I am excited for Jesus to radically shake up my life and to be able to witness the miracles He has in store for the young people.

“If my life were a movie, I want Emma Watson to play me.”

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