Carin Owen

What is an Area Director?
A staff member who fosters relationships with the Committee Members and members of the cities that we are located in. Along with this, they help fundraise for the local area and cater to the growth of each of the missionaries that are stationed at each of the sites in that city.

I started working at Vagabond Missions because God gently called me out of the boat and I did not listen so he pushed me out. Praise be to God! I have enjoyed 20+ years as a teacher and youth minister in parishes but am so excited that God has called me to serve him in a new way. I have already seen the work of Vagabond change the lives of my daughter and other young adults as missionaries and some pretty awesome teens that I have come to love so much. I love the life of mission and ministry and am so grateful to my husband and three kids who have walked this path with me.

God always has amazing surprises for me and his goodness always exceeds my expectations and I know he will again as I begin this work. I can already see the ways he is drawing me close and helping me grow in this new position. My favorite saints are St. John Paull II and St. Faustina.

If my life were a movie, I would want my hero and best friend to play me, my daughter, Eliza.”

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