Vagabond Missions
Baton Rouge

Vagabond Missions’ newest site is in Baton Rouge, LA, where the diocese is vibrant and is a beacon for the culture of Louisiana. Even though the Catholicity of Louisiana is flourishing, it isn’t immune to the ways of the world. The Gospel is limited in its proclamation outside of the walls of the Church. Vagabond Missions will be a great addition to the city of Baton Rouge to continue to work with the Church to sanctify the land.

In the Acts of the Apostles, the early Christians were devoted to the breaking of the bread, prayer, fellowship, and the teachings of the Apostles (2:42). Continuing the mission of the saints who have preceded us in our walk toward eternity, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church is committed to accompanying intentional disciples of Jesus Christ from every race, ethnicity, tribe, and tongue (Revelation 7:9) in the geographical boundaries of our community.

Our Lord Jesus Christ always prioritized the poor, marginalized, and disenfranchised members of the communities he served. Following the model of our Master, our parishioners are committed to serving our brothers and sisters who are experiencing poverty in the geographical boundaries of our church. We currently accompany women and children with the Missionaries of Charity Sisters at their St. Agnes Shelter, homeless men at the St. Vincent de Paul Shelter, and countless neighbors experiencing financial stress in our neighborhoods and across the street from the church at our local bus station. We are excited to begin accompanying our inner-city youth through our collaboration with Vagabond Missions!

Our Underground


2250 Main St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802





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Mark Pirro

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Mark Pirro

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Mark Pirro

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